Model Truck – 1929 Ford

Model Truck – 1929 Ford

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Ray Brown's Handcrafted Model Truck Series

From Ray Brown ~ When Ford realized the Model T was becoming obsolete, a completely new vehicle, the Model A, was developed. A three speed gearbox replaced the Model T's Two speed foot operated transmission. The new Model A had brakes on all four wheels, not just on the rear two. The Model T's hand operated windshield wiper was replaced with a whipper powered by the intake manifold's vacuum. Electric start was standard on the Model A, and it was the first car with safety glass in the windshield. The gas tank was located over the driver's knees.

The Model A was built as both a car and a truck – both used the same hood and cab and four cylinder, 201 cu in the engine, developing 40 horsepower – twice as much power as the Model T. Truck versions of the Model A had a heavier chassis and a four speed transmission geared lower than the car's three speed transmission.

Ford produced Model As in the United States from 1928 to 1932, and licensed its production to several other countries. It was kept in production in Russia as the Gaz-AA until 1950.

The principAL woods in this model are Kiaat, Birch, Tulip Poplar and White Oak.

Thank you to our donor RAY BROWN

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