Hat: Turquoise orange/green/ purple

Hat: Turquoise orange/green/ purple

About This Auction

Hat: Turquoise orange/green/ purple “Ugly But Warm” Crocheted hat made by Melody Reynolds, member of SAWS2 Valued at $20 starting bid: $5 The name of this hat comes from the pattern used to make it. Machine wash and dry.
Women Build 2021 - Fundraising for our 17th house!

About This Campaign

Women Build 2021 is here! Find your team, or create a new team to help us raise the $75,000 needed to build our 17th Women Build house!

Don't have a team, but want to get started? SAWS2 is welcoming new team members!

Not sure about how big of a goal to set? We recommend starting with a goal of $200 as an individual (or $200 per person on your team). This is an attainable goal for most people and many will beat their goal, adding to the enthusiasm and momentum!

Additional questions? Email ​rocwomenbuild@gmail.com