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Having safe, affordable housing is a fundamental part of achieving a stable and happy life. That's what this program does!

Our homebuyer will put in hundreds of sweat equity hours, take classes and pay a mortgage to earn her way to the 2019 FCHH Women Build House.

She will be able to ensure her children have shelter and conditions that help them do their homework and have a safe place to play. Having a kitchen provides the opportunity for family mealtime to build both healthy bodies and healthy relationships.

Results are outstanding:
- Graduation rates of FCHH homeowner children are well above the City average.
- Crime in the JOSANA neighborhood is significantly reduced after a decade of FCHH houses being built.
- Housing values have gone up as a result of FCHH houses.
- The City of Rochester sees steady tax income from FCHH homeowners

Please help me help our Women Build homebuyer achieve her dream home. Thank you!

Women Build 2019 - Fundraising for our 15th house!

Location / Venue

  • Address:
  • 105 Holworthy Street
  • Rochester, NY 14606
  • USA

About This Campaign

Fundraising and construction on Flower City Habitat's 15th Women Build house is going on now. Build with us!

To help build: Start your own team or join a public team today! Teams set their own fundraising and building goals, and together we build a house!

Teams are typically co-workers, friends, family, neighbors, or members of the same congregation or interest group. Our public team is: "All The Single Ladies".

Team members each pledge to raise or donate $200 and the team’s total goal is relative to the size of the team. Team members can raise that money by asking friends, neighbors, co-workers, people in their congregation, or family members to donate.

For every $1,000 that a team raises, they can schedule a build day just for their team. There are also “open” Women Build days on which anyone who is registered with Women Build can sign up to build. Meeting new friends and learning new skills are both part of the excitement of Women Build.

Ready to build? Start your team fundraising page now and then email to schedule your build days!

Questions? Email

Want to donate by check? Make your check out to Flower City Habitat for Humanity. On the memo line, write Women Build. If you wish to support a team or individual volunteer, please include their name after Women Build. Send the check to: FCHH Women Build, 755 Culver Road, Rochester NY 14609.

Click here for photos of the dedication for Women Build's 14th house (on Child Street)!

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