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Student Build 2017-2018

About This Campaign

Having a stable home allows children the opportunity to become strong students, involved community members, and caring friends and family members.

One measurement of success that Flower City Habitat for Humanity tracks is the graduation rate of kids who grow up in Habitat homes. Kids raised in a Habitat home graduate at a rate over twice that of kids in the same school district.

We want to offer that opportunity to as many families as possible and we are calling on the kids and young adults of Monroe County to make this possible.

Student and Youth Habitat groups are teaming up to raise $30,000 towards another stable home for a Rochester family. The 2017-2018 Student Build will partner with Habitat Young Professionals and Caldwell Manufacturing on the construction of 97 Lime Street!

This page is the Student Build fundraising page. To volunteer on the construction site, or other volunteer opportunities, email

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